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Planting Seeds - The Word of God

Mark 4:14, The sower sows the word.(KJV)
Mark 4:14, The farmer plants seed by taking God’s Word to others. (NLT)
In Mark 4:14-20, Jesus gives his disciples a parable about a farmer sowing seeds to reap a harvest.  This parable taught the disciples that just as the farmer sow seeds in the field to reap a harvest; likewise, we,
as Christ followers are to labor in the kingdom of God by spreading (sowing) the gospel of Jesus Christ to     
                                                                      others that souls may be won to Christ.
We, as children of God, have a responsibility of preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. To preach is to proclaim (speak forth) the gospel of Jesus Christ. To preach the gospel does not mean that one have to be standing in a pulpit or have a title or position in your place of worship.  All are not called to pulpit preaching, put all have a responsibility to sow seeds in others by sharing the word of God to family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, even people whom you come in contact with daily on the streets, grocery stores, restaurants etc., whether my mouth and/or other channels of communications. 
In this 21 century, technology is vastly growing where by increasing ways we communicate with one another.  We can send emails and instant messages in a matter of seconds clear across the world.  We have many social media networks, we can stream line, use the power of Wi-Fi and web cams to see and talk to people in other countries in a matter of minutes.
God has increase the knowledge of man to invent various mediums in which we communicate to one another; moreover, to also be used to spread the good news of Jesus Christ.
Many Christians have face book pages, twitter pages and/or are members of other social networks. But many are not spreading the good news of Jesus Christ, but rather, mundane things only.
The only gospel (good news) of Jesus Christ that many will hear is by the words (seeds) that you share with others.  The seeds you sow may lead some to Christ and/or edify, encourage and comfort others.  Like a domino effect, they will also sow seeds (the Word of God) to others.  One plants, another waters, but it is God that gives the increase.
In spite of what challenges ands struggles you may be facing today, God is still good to all.  Our challenges and struggles should never stop us from spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The word of God is spirit and it is life.  For we walk by faith and not by sight.
Have you sown any seeds of the good news today?
P.S. The beautiful young lady in the photo is my cousin Shai. She's a professional make-up artist and an anointed young preacher in training.

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